Types of Tasks That Exhibition Stand Suppliers Handle For You

Types of Tasks That Exhibition Stand Suppliers Handle For You

The first step in the creation of your exhibition stand is to decide on what type of production you require. For example, you could request a space-only stand or a full-service stand. For both options, you will need to agree on the size and design of the exposition stand and the specifications and design of the ceiling, floor, and walls. The next step in the process is fabrication, which involves turning your production drawings into physical components. The organizer may require that certain aspects of the structure be modified, and this can cost you extra. If you’re unsure of the specifications for your exhibition stand, you can ask your exhibition stand suppliers in Dubai to draw up a design for you and supply you with an accurate quote.

Helps to install graphics and printing

In addition to the design of the stand itself, you’ll also need to choose the type of graphics and printing. In most cases, the supplier will arrange for a bump-out and install all of the graphic elements. However, you can also hire a specialist to design and install the graphics for you, which will save you time and money on transport. There are several different tasks that the supplier will handle for you.

Helps to design your booth

You will also need to get the design of your booth. While you can do this yourself, you will need to hire a stand builder to design it. Most booth packages are based on a standard shell scheme. If you’re planning to use a live demonstration, you’ll need to contact an exhibition plumber. The plumber will provide all of the plumbing for your stand, including the 40mm clearances for pipes under the floor.

Provide the necessary site services for your event

In addition to designing and building your stand, they will also provide the necessary site services for your event. They will handle the construction of the stands and supervise the dismantling of the stands after the exhibition. They will also write the plans for your exhibition and will provide the necessary equipment and crew. If you’re in charge of the exhibition, the stands will be delivered and set up in the right place.

Provide electrical services

An exhibition head contractor is a person responsible for a shell scheme booth. While they can handle custom-built exhibits, they will also be responsible for electricity and electrical services. Often, this service is provided by an exhibition head contractor. It can save you money because you won’t have to worry about the electrical and internet connections during the event.

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