Choosing the best promotional gifts- Read these tips

Choosing the best promotional gifts- Read these tips

Choosing promotional gifts in Dubai is not an easy task. However, it doesn’t have to be. The key to choosing the right one is to know your audience and to base your choice on the type of person they are. If you are targeting young professionals, then giveaway items such as pens, stickers, and balloons would probably be a good idea. But if you are targeting the elderly population, then an item such as a bottle of wine is a more appropriate choice.

Water bottles are some of the most popular promotional gifts. People love having water bottles, whether as personal or corporate gifts. For the corporate sector, water bottles adorned with logos of the companies’ sponsors are an excellent choice. For the personal sector, water bottles with personalized messages are great, as long as they are relevant to the recipients. Here are some top tips to choose the perfect one:

Tip one: Tip number one is to consider who will be using the item – in other words, what demographic is this product intended to serve? As it turns out, most marketing gifts, especially corporate ones, are usually used by the target market. If you are getting something for your brand, then make sure that it’s geared towards the demographic you’re targeting. If you are targeting middle-aged professionals, then a bottle of wine is probably not the best choice. Rather, consider getting something like coffee mugs, which most people carry around in their purse/purse everywhere they go.

Tip two: think about what you want your recipient to do once they receive your promotional gifts. Are they going to use them? Or, are they just a piece of bric-a-brac? Consider if your advertising message needs to be clear and concise.

For example, if you want to emphasize the positive aspects of your brand, a bottle of wine is probably a great gift to choose. However, if you are selling tires, a pen is probably a better choice as it is more functional. If your target audience is women, then give women’s accessories or shoes as promotional items. On the flip side, if you are targeting the automotive industry, then promotional items related to automobiles would be a more appropriate choice.

Tip three: Last but not least, when choosing promotional items, don’t forget to include your brand’s name in the gift. A simple piece of printed fabric is all that is needed to brand your company name on a piece of clothing or a pen. Remember, branding is essential to establishing a relationship with your audience. 

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