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Top 10 Candy Wrappers

by Daniel Levin

Top 10 Candy Wrappers

Wrapped candy is amazing. I all sorts of colors and cool materials. We love them. Here is a top 10 of what we think are the coolest candy wrappers.


10 Charleston Chew

This long, rectangular shaped classic candy bar is a winner in look and taste. Against a yellow backdrop (Vanilla flavored) stands big font, the candy bar’s name. It’s milk chocolate coated nougat that’s also great frozen!

Charleston Chew Candy

9 Goo Goo Cluster

“GOO” stands for Grand Ol’ Opry and boy does this candy sing. Caramel, Peanuts, Marshmallow and Chocolate are housed in a muted cream wrapper. A picture of the candy itself is showcased, and looks as good as the real thing.Goo Goo Cluster Candy

8 Whatchamacalit

Fun to say and fun to look at, this crisped rice and caramel candy bar coated in chocolate is a crowd favorite. Bursting from the center of the wrapper is the font and a comic like POW. What do you call it?!

Whachamacallit Candy

7 Chuckles

Simple, old school jelly candies housed in a transparent wrapper, these evoke nostalgia. Large, chubby font cloaks the jelly candies in rainbow colors behind it.

Chuckles candy

6 C Howards Violets

These smell like flowers and look as vintage as can be. Purple and silver foil houses these chalky, floral mints. The font is aristocratic, and remember its C. Howards, not Chowards, made in NY.

C Howards Violets Candy

5 Black Cow

Chocolate taffy from yesteryear. The brown and yellow color scheme is unique in the candy world, and the Atkinson Star is a symbol of quality sweetness.

Black Cow Candy

4 Abba Zabba

Like a NYC taxi, this candy bar wrapper has a checkered black and yellow style that catches the eye. The font is funky and the rectangular shape makes this peanut butter taffy a joy to eat and share.

Abba Zabba Candy

3 Turkish Taffy

This candy has it all. Arabic like font, a similar styled logo and two-toned wrapper, this is a graphic designer’s dream. Break the taffy on a table by holding it in your palm, and share the morsels.

Turkish Taffy Candy

2 Mary Jane

One of the oldest candies, these weathered yellow wrappers with a red stripe are super cool. Add a small picture of a little girl, presumably Mary Jane, on each and you have a wrapper for the ages. Peanut butter taffy bites wait inside.

Mary Jane Candy

1 Valomilk

The coolest color scheme: white, black and orange. Unwrapping this candy is like unwrapping a Christmas gift. The edges are highly stylized stencil, and the picture of the chocolate cup oozing marshmallow filling is mouth watering

Valomilk candy


What's your favorite candy wrapper?

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Daniel Levin
Daniel Levin


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