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NYC Cotton Candy

by Daniel Levin

NYC Cotton Candy

Yesterday Handsome Dan’s made fresh cotton candy on the set of a major Hollywood film. The cotton candy was used as a prop in several scenes. The scenes involved shooting a large party, so it was a fun atmosphere on set.

Our Events team brings Snocones, Shave Ice, Cotton Candy, Candy and Lemonade to your Corporate Event, Birthday Party,Wedding, Launch Party and more. Our products are fun, high quality and creative. We have worked with the big names like Mercedes and Jaguar to birthday parties or weddings. Our party sizes typically range from 20 to 1000 people. We work in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the surrounding areas.

Check out more on our events page or call 917-965-2499

Photo credit: David McGlynn



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Daniel Levin
Daniel Levin


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